AI & Blockchain in the Battle Against COVID19

A risk assessment tool that optimises the use of COVID19 tests in order to implement fact-based strategies for deconfinement.

The critical problem of limited testing capacity.

Get more info and data about the specific challenge that we want to address with our smart screening solution.

What does the tool include?

State-of-the-art tech in the battle against COVID19.

  • Online survey developed by health experts. Fully anonymised data without registration of the respondent's IP address.

  • Off-chain blockchain notarisation of survey data to ensure data quality, non-repudiation, and compliance with GDPR rules.

  • AI/ML algorithm based on robust models developed in the context of credit scoring. Ongoing model performance monitoring for trustworthy results.

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Risk Scoring at EU NUTS-3 level

Supporting informed decision making. Ability to localise in multiple geographies.

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The risk assessment model

The tool is built using risk assessment models common in fintech & credit scoring. It enables policy makers to deploy targeted COVID19 testing & deconfinement strategies.

Challenge won! Ready to Scale.

This solution was developed in the context of #EUvsVirus hackathon. It was selected as Challenge Winner in the category "Health & Life" among 2,150 solutions developed by 21,000 participants and reached the top 1% of the competition's projects that where chosen to present on the Demo Day.

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The smart screening tool can deliver significant added value in the following ways.

Fighting the virus together.

We invite public and private organisations, laboratories, health institutions, sponsors, and experts to join our journey. Use the link below to fill in the partnership form.

Our team

A dedicated, multi-disciplinary team to drive this technology forward.


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Smart Screening Tool

AI & Blockchain in the Battle Against COVID19

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